Sometime in 1964 a Greek couple started a Coffee & Sandwich shop in the middle of the Sonoran Foothills Desert in a New town called Carefree. The coffee shops location was is in the new Spanish Village Shopping Center, the new shopping center was the first built, for restaurants and shops as a destination for the new Carefree. Since then the town has evolved and grown around this Iconic place as many well known's use to frequent such as Hugh Downs, Dick Van Dyke, Barry Goldwater, Jerry Jones, to mention a few. Tom Darlington & Kenyon Turner Palmer had there breakfast & coffee while brainstorming their visions for Carefree at Black Mountain Coffee Shop. 

A few years later, in the Late 70's is when the Black Mountain Coffee Shop was created by Shelly's in laws, Where they ran it for a few years, and later offered  & sold it to Shelly. Shelly decided to retire from the restaurant business after 32 plus years!  Shelly sold BMCS to Martin & Tami Holmes. Martin a well established General Contractor in Carefree owner of Holmes Construction Inc. Martin who frequented the restaurant had heard it was to close after much discussion with his wife Martin & Tami decided to save the Town of Carefree's Oldest Restaurant, and purchased the Black Mountain Coffee Shop in August 2015. Martin & Tami  remodeled and enlarged the Carefree Diner and "Made It New Again"

After re-opening it in December 17th of 2015, Black Mountain Coffee Shop & Cafe's regulars know it as "Black Mountain Cafe"  which brings up the fact that BMCS only serves Teas and Breakfast Coffee a Medium Roast, obviously were not a Starbucks, and no we do not have Espresso machine, our brand was created long before starbucks, We serve a medium roast coffee regular or decaf coffees. Homemade breakfast and lunch and has been the

"Town of Carefree's Favorite Diner and Cafe"  since the beginning of life of the town. Indoor dining room seats 46 seats and breakfast eating counter seats six, outdoor main patio seats 32, and dedicated dog patio has 8 seats "Dining with dogs" is ok all outdoor patio is weather permitting. 

The Holmes family are all involved in the the operation and patrons needs on a daily basis, We kept the backbone of the kitchen and heritage: Richard of 32 years retired a year after being apart of the remodel from Old to New and help on the building of the new diner you see today. Gonzo of 22 years of Faithful short order cooking has now stepped up and cooks carefree the best short order cooking in town and at Black Mountain Coffee & Cafe, our food stays the same with improvements for better healthier meals made fresh one order at a time.

Most all restaurants in Carefree and Cave Creek are Family Owned and Operated, no fast food other than  west in next town west Cave Creek, AZ, Dairy-Queen, North of the Black Mountain which makes the area foods the Best in the Valley of the Sun.

Martin & Tami Holmes      




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Black Mountain Coffee & Cafe 

Black Mountain Coffee Shop Carefree's Diner!


Established in 1964, The Iconic Black Mountain Coffee Shop Continues it Legacy

with its fourth owners  

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